Kaup Beach

Place name: Kaup

Place Type: Beach

Country: India

About the place Kaup Beach:
Kaup is a small village located about 20 km from Udupi on the National Highway 17 towards Mangalore which is a coastal belt. This is one of the highly populated

beaches in Karnataka. This beach is widely known for its peaceful and cool atmosphere.

This beach is covered by greenery from all the sides. The cool breeze that blows across the white sandy Kaup beach at Karnataka refreshes you from your tiredness and

tensions and gives a pleasant feel to your mind.

Kaup is the perfect venue for organizing picnics with family and friends. You can also enjoy some water sports or swimming in the sea water. This is a perfect weekend
spot as you can take a relaxing sun bath or stroll across the white sand. The fragrance of the surrounding flora that blows across the whole beach along with the cool
breeze from the waters has got a soothing effect.

Transport: Local transport can be taken from Udupi.

Hotels in Kaup Beach: Hotels are nearby to the Kaup beach and Karavali Hotels, Hotel Sri Rama Residency, Hotel Janardhan, Hotel Sindhu Palace, etc.

Food in Kaup Beach: Local food recipes are available and will be delicious.

Places nearby Kaup:
Ruined Jain basadis that lie near by the Kaup beach.
You must also check out the remains of the old fort.
The 1000 feet high lighthouse.
The two temples of Goddess Mariamma that are the nearest tourist locales to Kaup beach at Karnataka.


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