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Place name: Rangasthala

Type: Historical place

Country: India (Karnataka Tourist Spot)

Location: 60 km from Bangalore, Chikkaballapur

About the place: Rangasthala is one of the tourist spot in Karnatka. The Rangasthala temple appears magnificent from outside, resembling the temples built during the Vijayanagar period. But now the interior part has been renovated recently and the beauty seems to be faded.

This is a Saligrama Moorthy and Prathistai was done by Saptharishi. The Moorthys at Srirangapatna, Srirangam and Srirangapatna all were installed on the same day and on the same time.

The Praharam and Gopuram which are found outside the temple were constructed by the Vijayanagara Kings. Surrounding Praharam is the Garbhagriham, which is built in the form of a Bamboo Basket ( Moongil Thathu in Tamil ,Sibir Thate in Kannada).

The idol of Ranganatha is four and half feet in length with Bhoo and Neela Devi sitting near the leg. Lord is in Yoga Nidra and his Shesha is spreading his five hood…

Ramadevara Betta

Place name: Ramadevara Betta (Karnataka Tourist Spot)

Type: Hill, good for treking

Country: India

Location: Ramanagaram, 54 kilometers from Bangalore South West.

About the Place: Ramanagaram is a taluk of Bangalore Rural district, which is located towards South West of Bangalore and the hills are about 3066 feet above the sea level.

Ramanagara is the land of seven hills, namely Shivaramagiri, Yatirajagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revanna Siddeshwara Betta, Jala Siddeshwara Betta and Sidilakallu Betta.Ramangaram is famous for many reasons like, historical temples, rock climbing, granite and stone quarries, industrial belt at Bidadi industrial area, silk cacoon industry and also is a great shooting location for action centered movies.

The famous movie Sholay was shot here and this was famous for Gabbar's hideout in the movie.
There are four famous rock climbing spots:
SRS Betta

Though many hills are preserved for quarrying, many of them are visited an…



Place name- Mysore

Country- India (Karnataka Tourist Place)

Location- 140 km away from Bangalore

About the place:

Mysore is the second biggest place in the state of Karnataka. This place is known for its majestic palaces, magnificent places, tree lined boulevards, sprawling gardens,

Shimmering Silks and Sandalwood, retaining its tradition of art, literature, music and dance.

Mysore Dasara is celebrated for victory of the Goddess Chamundeshwari of Chamundi Hills, after killing the wicked buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasura indicating the victory

of good over evil.

The word Mysore is derived from the word Mahishuru or Mahishasurana Ooru, which means the town of Mahishasura, the demon king who is believed to have lived here.

During the reign of Chamaraja Wadiyar the city is said to have reached the peak of its glory and had gained prominence.

Mysore is situated 770m above the sea level and has warm and cold climate through out the year.

Places to see:

Mysore palace- This Maharaja's palace is…