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Savana Durga Hill - Magadi - Bangalore

Savana Durga Hill (Temple at the top of the hill)
Savana Durga Hill (Means forth of death).

History says: This was a location for the making of David Lean's movie Passage to India.
The hill rises to 1226 m above mean sea level.
Savana Durga is situated on Magadi Road. It is around 70 km from Bangalore City.
On the way to Savana Durga you will find ChamarajaSagar Water Treatment Plan (on your right). Magadi Road is also known as State Highway 17E. When you cross the 50 km mark, you will start seeing the monolithic rock structure. You will have to turn left from the highway and travel another 12 km before making another left turn to travel 3 km. At the end of that 3 km stretch, you will find Savana Durga.

And there is no need to give any fees to entire the place. There are some guides who can guide you. But I don’t think is necessary. Because the road itself will guide you to reach at the top. But don’t forget the lane of the road.
To see there is he monolithic proportions of Stalinis…

Rangasthala Toursit Place - Chikkaballapura

Rangasthala Also called Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Ranganatha Swamy Temple Situated in Chikkaballpura.
It’s around 60kms from Bangalore. Roads are good to drive.
Best Place to visit in the month of June to march.

To reach Rangasthala: From Bangalore, then Travel towards Chikkaballapur , then once you reach Chikkaballapur ask for Bus stand / Gauribidanur road Then if you travel 5 kms on Gauribidanur road on Right hand side you will find the Sign board Rangasthala take a right turn and travel till dead end Sheshadri Bhattar lives in the same temple compound, If any Seva is to be conducted, a week's time should suffice to make arrangements. The rate for Thirumanjanam is Rs.500/- & Kalayana Ustava is Rs.1000/-

it’s also know for adventure sports and well its also known for its A fortified defensive structure and temples, and other places you can visit while going Ranganatha Swamy temple are:
· Kolaramma temple
· Antharagange
· Nandi Hills,
· Rangasthala
· Minakanagurki
· Viduraswatha
· Kurud…

Sri Ram Betta - Piligrim Near Mysore

Sri Ram Betta - Piligrim Near Mysore

Sri Ram Betta Is the Pilgrim Direction towards Mysore. Distances around 50kms
Roads are good for drive.
In Sri Ram betta you don’t get foods and lodges over there. You have carry you own things.
Near by petrol station you can find in Ramanagara.
Best time to visit this place from jan to dec.

Enjoy Sri Ram Betta for 1day Trip.