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Sringeri temple tourist place

Sringeri - Vidyashankara Temple
Type: Pilgrim, Sringeri Tourist Places - Sri Sankaracharya was the founder of Sringeri Temple.
Distance/Location: Sringeri, one of the foremost Shakthi Sthalas of India, lies in the Western Ghats in Karnataka, 150 km from Mangalore and 350 km from Bangalore.
Sringeri Road: It’s amazing to travel to sringeri. Roads are not so bad. It will heaven journey with beauty of greener landscape.

Where to stay Lodge/Rooms in Sringeri:Enjoy a comfortable stay in Sringeri. A hotel in Sringeri offers a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity. Some of the major hotels in Sringeri are Travelers' Bungalow, Temple Guest House, P.W.D. Guest House, etc.

Food in Sringeri: Foods are really mindblowing, Temple of sringeri itself offers you free food all 3times a day. And even you can have foods near by hotels by paying. Worth for all reason.

Petrol: Chikkamagalur is the best place to fill your fuels and travel ahead to sringeri for safer side.

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Hornadu - Annapoorneshwari Temple

Hornadu -AnnapoorneshwariTemple

Type: Pilgrim - Hornadu Sri Annapoorneshwari Distance: 330 kms from Bangalore, Karnataka
Hornadu-Direction: From Hassan Route
Road: Good Roads toward Hornadu
Food in Hornadu: very excellent vegetarian foods you will get. there is special food you can get in hornadu and surrounding place of Mangalore which is called Buns ( This buns is not the bun which we eat normally its different and good taste indeed, give an try in once you feel nice to order one more).Hornadu Sri Annapooreshwari (the Food God, according to Hindu Mythology). here temple provide you free foods all 3 times a day. you need to eat food here.has god itself called annapoorenshwari
Lodges in Hornadu: Yes Lodges and room accommodation are really nice here. As hornadu temple itself will provide you lodge/room with very less money which is around 70rs to 100rs, and for bachelors’ they don’t give rooms there. And no need to worry guys you have pvt room near by temple itself there you can find it e…