Hornadu - Annapoorneshwari Temple

Hornadu - Annapoorneshwari Temple

Type: Pilgrim - Hornadu Sri Annapoorneshwari Distance: 330 kms from Bangalore, Karnataka
Hornadu-Direction: From Hassan Route
Road: Good Roads toward Hornadu
Food in
Hornadu: very excellent vegetarian foods you will get. there is special food you can get in hornadu and surrounding place of Mangalore which is called Buns ( This buns is not the bun which we eat normally its different and good taste indeed, give an try in once you feel nice to order one more).

Hornadu Sri Annapooreshwari (the Food God, according to Hindu Mythology). here temple provide you free foods all 3 times a day. you need to eat food here.has god itself called annapoorenshwari

Lodges in
Hornadu: Yes Lodges and room accommodation are really nice here. As hornadu temple itself will provide you lodge/room with very less money which is around 70rs to 100rs, and for bachelors’ they don’t give rooms there. And no need to worry guys you have pvt room near by temple itself there you can find it easily for around 150rs to 200rs for 1day.
Petrol: Near by petrol station you can find in Chikkamagalur district. Fill it up full take as when u moves ahead its tick forest. don’t be in trouble u don’t get petrol’s once you leave chikkamangalur district.
Days required to trip
Hornadu: 3days required for a beautiful view and great landscape of hornadu with huge fog and lovely climate with wonderful people around you with great devotes for hornadu comes here.
Best time to visit
Hornadu: Any time climate here is amazing and superb to make your trip worth. Jan to Dec
Near By Places you can visit: Shringeri around 70Kms from Hornadu you can get buses, cabs to visit Shringeri it’s among the best place to hangout, Kalsa around 7kms

Kalasa Temple view from top of Sri Kalasehwara Swamy

Inside Kalasa

Kalasa temple

This will tell you the story how kalasa temple got name and its history with images.

While traveling to hornadu

The route to the temple traverses ghats,

Amazing dense forest with beautiful landscape with huge fog sorrowing all over forest it really the place of heavens.

It feels like the most beautiful route one can ever take, with nature in all her resplendent glory.

A trip to the Horanaadu Aadishaktiyatmaka Annapoorneshwari temple would be most fulfilling if all pilgrimage spots en route to the temple are also included in travel plans.

Entrance of Annapoorneshwari temple of Hornadu.

In Hornadu while travel fog travels with us in beacutiful way.

Hornadu the place of heavens land

In Hornadu early morning 6.30 AM.

In Hornadu you can find this place to hang out with water.its superb and its like ice water which we dont know where water is flowing from.simply superb.

God Annapoorneshwari.

Hornadu Side image of temple.

Things you need to buy it in Hornadu: Coffee and Tea. its famous as its tick forest of karnataka and most of coffee estate and tea estate are here.

Coffee(80INR per KG),Tea(80INR per kg) and raisins(30INR per 300gms).The coffee is of the type 'Arabica-Robusta', with 80% coffee and 20% chicory) - this is a brand which is local to this part of the region.

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