Chikka Tirupathi Temple in Karnataka

Chikka Tirupathi Temple in Karnataka
Type: Pilgrim - Tourist Place of Chikka Tirupathi Temple

Distance/Location: 35 to 40 Kms from Bangalore, Direction towards Kolar for Chikka Tirupati Temple, and from Sarjapur road it’s around 13 Kms.
Road: Road are not so bad, keeping drive towards Sarjapura village/town and take a left to NH 207 after Sarjapura village for chikka tirupati temple.
Where to stay Lodge/Rooms: There is no proper facility to stay over night, plan trip for 1days for good ride and to visit temple to take blessing.
Food: Take your foods and snacks as you don’t find any better hotels
Petrol: Hoskote is the place you can fill the petrol for further journey for Chikka Tirupati Temple.
Bus services: Buses ply from City to Kolar. Autos can be taken to the Chikka Tirupati Temple from there.
Best Time to Visit ChikkaTirupati Temple: June to March
History of Chikka Tirupati: Lord Venkateshwara Temple, which is called Chikka (Chikka Means Small In Kannada) Chikka Tirupati Temple, The temple build by Agni for Lord Vishnu because he granted him back the power is was having, the gopurams are really nice with really richly done.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post.
It is a small and nice temple. The Murthy looks pleasing to the eyes, and stirs up the bakthi in the devotee.

I visited the temple very recently. There are a few buses plying to that place. It should be easy to get a bus from Sarjapur.

By Car : If you are driving, then take the left after crossing Sarjapur village. The other straight road takes one to Bagalur. The road on the left leads straight to Chikka Thirupathi, and the road is newly laid and damn good, at least now!

And drive was pleasant, passing through the hallis. there was one small stream that we had to pass over; do not know its name though.

A MUST visit for Perumal devotees.

- Rajesh
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Saravanan said…
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