revanasiddesh betta trekking place

RevanaSiddesh Betta For Trekking Around Bangalore.

Type: Trekking and Pilgrim Tourist Places - Revanasiddeshwara Betta (Revanasiddeshwara Hill Station)
Distance/Location: Revanasiddeshwar Betta,
Road: It’s good for Bike Ride Roads are good travel Revanasiddeshwar Betta,
Where to stay Lodge/Rooms: There is no proper facility to stay over night, plan trip for 1days for good ride and trekking.
Food: Take your foods and snacks as you don’t find any better hotels unless you plan to eat in Ramanagara town or in entrance on Mysore road, you can find small shops in the village road side sell biscuits & bananas and coconut waters.
Petrol: Channapatna is the place you can fill the petrol for further journey for revanasiddeshwar hill station.
Other place to visit around Revanasiddeshwar Betta: Muththathhi River Distance around 20Kms from Revanasiddeshwar betta.
How to reach revanasiddeshwar hills station in Karnataka: 60km from Bangalore, on Mysore Road, near Ramanagara town

Bus services: Buses ply from City to Ramanagara. Autos can be taken to the revanasiddeshwar betta
Best Time to Visit Revanasiddeshwar Betta: Jan to Dec
History of Revanasiddeshwar Betta:
Revanasiddeshwar Hill Station to reach you need to pass from, Ramanagaram is a popular place for trekking and rock climbing for the youngster with bike ride makes there day very rocking experience. Ramadevara Betta on the outskirts of the town lends the name to the place. The hill station is about 3066 feet above sea level and has steps on the western side part place. The Sri Rama temple is located at the top beside a small pond. The place is rich in history right from the Gangas to Kempegowda and Tipu Sultan. The view from the top of the hill makes you the worth for visiting revanasiddeshwar hill the climb of the hill and trekking is worth the effort. Revanasiddeshwara Betta is a part of the seven hills as this landscape and rock climbing and trekkers will just love it.

Place to watch wishes you a very Safe and Happy Journey!! Plan Correctly and Trip the places to watch if you have any photos of this trip if you like to share please leave the comment and you can send your experiences about this trip and also you can send lovely photos of your trip.we love to place in your place to watch can send photo to my id


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